Is Rhubarb Good?

Planting and harvesting crops are vital for you to have a successful life in Stardew Valley – or are they? It’s a farming game, after all, and so it has a significant emphasis on this part.

Rhubarbs are one of the many crops you can plant and sell, eat, or use in areas such as Gifting, Crafting, and the like.

What is Rhubarb in Stardew Valley?

What is Rhubarb in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, Rhubarb is classified as a fruit crop that takes 13 days to fully grow. It undergoes 5 stages of growth before becoming ready to harvest and can be initially planted using Rhubarb Seeds. Rhubarbs can only be grown in the Spring and, surprisingly, are inedible.

Rhubarbs have a reddish appearance, with leaves emerging from the top of the crop. Even though it’s a fruit crop, it can’t be readily eaten. Instead, they can be used to craft the Rhubarb Pie, which works as a dessert. The recipe for Rhubarb Pie can be obtained from Marnie (in the mail) after reaching 7 hearts of friendship with her.

As mentioned before, Rhubarbs only grow in the Spring and will take 13 days to be ready for harvest. Harvesting a single Rhubarb will net you 26 farming exp. The base sale price of a Rhubarb is 220g without taking into account bonus profits from the Tiller profession.

The following table summarizes the sale price of Rhubarbs of all qualities.

Base Sale PriceSale Price w/ Tiller Profession

Rhubarbs can also be used to make Rhubarb Wine. You can view detailed sale prices for those on the Stardew Valley Wiki.

Where Can I Buy Rhubarbs?

Where Can I Buy Rhubarb?
Oasis Shop

Rhubarbs are mainly bought from the Oasis. As such, you won’t be able to access them until you repair the Bus Stop. They can be purchased from Sandy from the shop in Calico Desert named “Oasis,” which is open from 9 am to 11:50 pm. 

Here, you can purchase a single Rhubarb Seed for 100g. There’s no limit to the amount of Rhubarb Seeds you can buy, and these will be available all year long. 

You can also find Rhubarb Seeds being sold at the Travelling Cart from time to time, but this is highly unlikely and subject to a massive number of factors!

Is Rhubarb Good?

Is Rhubarb Good?
Rhubarbs Ready For Harvest

To characterize Rhubarbs as good, we need to understand what good really means. Is it the most profitable crop in the game? Not at all.

But do they provide a decent turnaround? Yes. The base sale price of a Rhubarb is 220g which, taking into account its growth period, translates to 16.92g per day. That’s a pretty good turnaround if I’m being honest!

All in all, even though Rhubarbs aren’t the best investment you can make in the game, they’re still quite profitable and are a very viable option if you want to go for them.

Does Rhubarb Keep Growing?

Unfortunately, Rhubarbs do not re-grow. A single Rhubarb Seed will only produce one Rhubarb. Upon being harvested, you’ll have to purchase and sow Rhubarb Seeds again if you want to grow the crop.

If they did re-grow, however, Rhubarbs would probably be one of the most lucrative crops in the game!

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