Stardew Valley Multiple Truffles

Stardew Valley is the most famous farming game of this decade. Personally an all-time favorite, this game has the ability to cling to your heart and soul!

Farming and having animals are an essential part of the Stardew Valley experience. To do that, you’re going to have to earn money.

As a beginner, I always struggled to make quick cash in the game because I never understood the most effective methods of earning – one of which happens to be Truffles!

What Are Truffles?

Stardew Valley What Are Truffles
Stardew Valley What Are Truffles

Truffles are a unique mushroom item in Stardew Valley. Truffles are obtained from adult Pigs that have been fed and are allowed to roam outside on a normal day. Although they are produced by animals, Truffles count as a Forage item as they receive the bonus from the Botanist profession.

You can get your hands on some Truffles by first buying Pigs and looking after them. Truffles are among some of the highest valued animal products you can receive!

According to their official description, a Truffle is a “gourmet type of mushroom with a unique taste.” I can’t vouch for the taste, but they sell amazingly well!

Fun fact: Erin Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley, added Truffles to the game because he couldn’t handle the thought of players having to butcher the adorable in-game Pigs!

How To Get Truffles in Stardew Valley?

To get your hands on Truffles, you’ll first need to purchase a couple of Pigs. This requires a bit of money for you to start off with.

A fully grown Pig produces multiple Truffles daily if certain conditions are fully met.

Purchase a Pig

Stardew Valley Purchase A Pig
Stardew Valley Purchase A Pig

To buy a Pig, you’ll require a Deluxe Barn to be built on your farm, along with enough coins to purchase at least 1 Pig (16,000g).

If you have these things covered, head over to Marnie’s Ranch to purchase the Pig and place it in your Deluxe Barn.

Upon purchase, your Pig will be young and, in this state, cannot produce any Truffles. You’ll now have to feed it for 10 consecutive nights to mature!

Once this timeframe passes, the Pig will grow into an adult and can start producing those sweet Truffles for you!

Unlike other barn animals, pigs won’t give you their produce if left inside the barn.

Therefore, to ensure you receive Truffles, you’ll have to let them roam outside in the mornings.

Where To Get Truffles in Stardew Valley?

There are a few more things you have to keep in mind before your animals are ready to produce Truffles.

Once you have adult Pigs, you must ensure that they’re fed daily and allowed to be outside the barn during the day.

Not doing so will cause the Pigs to stop producing Truffles entirely.

Additionally, they won’t produce Truffles if it’s raining outside or the winter season is in effect.

A well-fed pig allowed outside will roam around and occasionally dig up a Truffle from the ground!

You can find these Truffles scattered across your farm and pick them up to add to your inventory.

How Often Do Pigs Find Truffles in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Multiple Truffles
Stardew Valley Multiple Truffles

The friendship meter of Pigs is vital for the frequency with which they find Truffles. 

In fact, Pigs with a higher friendship level can produce multiple Truffles on the same day!

Statistically, there’s a per-frame-0.02% chance for your animal to find a Truffle if it hasn’t found its first Truffle for the day and is standing on a free tile.

To save you the horrid math, that’s a 99.99% chance for each of your Pigs to produce 1 Truffle every 24 in-game hours.

Producing Extra Truffles

Once your Pig has found its first Truffle of the day, it has a chance to continue producing even more!

The chances of this happening are found by the formula: Animal Friendship/1500

I’ll make it more convenient for you – this translates to a 66% chance of an extra Truffle being produced if your Pig has a full friendship meter (1000) with you.

Why Am I Not Getting Truffles in Stardew Valley

It can be frustrating if your Pigs aren’t giving you those money-earning products. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.

You won’t be able to get Truffles if any of the following conditions are true:

  • It’s raining outside.
  • Your Pigs are still Young.
  • There are no free tiles outside where the Pig can uncover a Truffle.
  • The game is currently in the winter season.
  • You did not feed the Pigs.
  • The animals weren’t allowed to roam outside their barn.
  • There’s a storm outside.

Once all of these problems are rectified, you’ll be able to continue receiving Truffles – and making money, of course!

What Do You Do with Truffles in Stardew Valley?

You can do several things with Truffles in Stardew Valley. Although, their most practical use is selling them.

Selling or Consuming

You can eat Truffles to gain energy and health or sell them to obtain coins. 

The amount of energy/health and coins you receive from the Truffles depends upon their rarity.

Here’s a table that explains both of these scenarios:

Values Obtained From Truffles


Truffles are a viable gifting item.

You can give this to Leah, who loves it. All other villagers are neutral to being gifted a Truffle, except for Maru, who hates the item.

Gifting her one will decrease your friendship points and show you a negative response box.

Bundles & Quests

A single Truffle is required as a part of the Chef’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board of the Community Center. You should note that this is one-time use only.

On the other hand, you might also require Truffles to complete the Help Wanted quests that randomly appear outside Pierre’s General Store.


If you – like myself – love the Dark Bandana Shirt or want to get your hands on some Orange Dye, you’ll have to use up some of your Truffles in the Tailoring process of both these items!

Artisan Products

Last but not least, you can use Truffles to produce Truffle Oil. This is an artisan product you can sell or consume according to your preference.

You can view additional information regarding Truffle’s Artisan uses on the Stardew Valley Wiki.

Stardew Valley How To Get Truffles Without Pigs?

You have only one other possible method of obtaining these precious products without using Pigs.

Travelling Cart

Stardew Valley Travelling Cart
Stardew Valley Travelling Cart

The Travelling Cart that appears near the Secret Woods on Fridays and Sundays can sometimes sell a Truffle.

However, this is highly inconvenient and irregular. The items sold by the Travelling Cart are grossly overpriced.

Additionally, since the items here are randomized, your chances of finding a Truffle will be extremely slim.

Apart from this, as of the latest update, there are currently no other possible methods of finding Truffles in Stardew Valley.

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